Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Italian adventures

After two and a half days  busy with sightseeing in Milan and a little bit of shopping, we arrived at the lakes. Beautiful scenery! Cozy little towns with plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants and gelato places.
Someone said  the best gelato is in Como.
Well, it is great!
After Como we went driving on our cute Peugeot. It was very scenic route, gorgeous sundown!  Long tunnels under the mountains. We were driving through  lots of little beautiful  and very old towns .
We are at the lake Lugano right now. And adventures on the lakes are expecting us tomorrow. The weather is still gorgeous! The food is amazing! I  wish I  never had to leave!
And our hotel is pretty nice to.
We are staying at  Lake Lugano. It is a beautiful hotel with a gorgeous room facing the lake, I feel like a princess.
We drove to Lake Como. From there on the ferry we went to Varena and there we climbed a very steep hill with a rocky road to see the famous castle- Castello di Vezio.  It's a very old castle with a lot of history.
You can have the greatest view of Lake Como from the top of the castle.
But I loved the village at the foot of the castle! With a little old church, people live on this steep mountain and enjoy their lives for generations! Even though it's not easy to get there.
So we climbed and climbed these steep hills, but it was worth it!
The view was magnificent!
Varena is a small and very quiet village.
Then we went to Belaggio. What a difference! The narrow streets going up the steep hills are filled with all kinds of shops. Selling silk, souvenirs and all kinds of clothing and things one might find interesting. And of course there are tons of cafes and restaurants. You can find amazing espresso  everywhere.
From Belaggio we wanted to get back to Menaggio but instead the ferry brought us to a close by town. We were told that the walk was not really far. Well, it was far and after climbing Varena's hills, we were exhausted!
But the walk was along big villas and we enjoyed walking and sightseeing.
That is all, unfortunately I had not much time at the lakes, but I loved it!
Amazing views, one can never be tired of it. Relaxing atmosphere, I could stay here forever.
Tomorrow I'm parting with my brother and sister in law and heading to Turin for a new adventures. I hope my next  journey to Turin will be as wonderful as my days at Milan and at the Lakes!
Canal in Milan
At the hotel


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