Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My new project.

I am starting a new project!
I love to travel. I would love to travel all the time! I dream to travel, but!  There is always a "BUT", isn't it? :0)
I travel in dreams, I travel when I taste a good wine, I travel when I read, when I cook.

So I decided to start traveling virtually!
Do you want to join me?:0) We will travel, taste wine and food. We will go around many countries, regions, provinces.
Welcome to my virtual travel and taste project!
I will cook typical regional food and pair it with certain wine. And I will tell stories, the ones that I learned from the books or from the friends. Unfortunately I can't use photos from the web, there are to many laws. So, if you wish to share your pictures with me from your travels, you are welcome to do so, and I will appreciate it.
Be patient with me, I'm not a journalist, not a writer, and English is not my fist language.:0)
But I love to tell stories, taste wine and good food!
So, our first stop-Bordeaux.
For me this is a place where it's all started. Big wines, wine laws, international grapes.
So join me, let's travel and taste together!


  1. Hi Nina! I love the idea of your new project and will definitely travel with you! :D

    1. Thank you very much! :)

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