Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pouilly  Fuissé   and   Pouilly Fumé.

I have written an essay recently and that was my topic. I thought that it was an interesting subject! 
So, what do we know about this two wines?
Do we get confused, when we hear those names?
Pouilly  Fuissé  is a wine that made from Chardonnay grape. Pouilly  Fuissé  is a place in Burgundy,  in the Macconias. Burgundy is a birthplace for Chardonnay grape. Wine made from this grape in this region has it's own characteristics and can age. Also Burgundy has unique soil and terroir perfect for this variety. 
Let's look now at Pouilly Fumé. Also French wine but from different region. Pouilly Fumé is place at Central region of Loire Valley. And this place gave name to a white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc.
It's a dry wine famous for it's minerality and gun powder flavour.
Now we know the difference and we can try those wines. 
We can choose which one we can have with chicken or with goat cheese.

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