Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The perfect pair

Yesterday I made eggplant rollatini. Dish is rich with cheese and tomato marinara. Sweetness from ricotta cheese wonderfully balances with taste of tomato pasta. When I started thinking about a wine, Barbera immediately came to my mind!
Barbera is a grape growing in Piedmont region. Very popular local wine.
So, I had

Fontanafredda Barbera Briccotondo 2010

Ruby red color on the core with a little bit of purple.
On the nose wine is spicy with a lot of berries aromas and hit of chocolate. Medium bodied, rustic on the palate with good balance of tannins and acidity. Very fruity, full of flavours with long and nice finish.

And yes, it was a perfect pair for my eggplant rollatini. Richness of the dish  and balancing tannins and acidity in the wine came together ideally!

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