Monday, 7 May 2012

Two wines from Bordeaux

Château Sainte Barbe Les Arglies 2008

100% Merlot.

 Very unusual color very deep plum with violet rim. Lot of raspberries on the nose and on the palate. For my taste  to much acidity. Dry with some earthiness, medium finish

  Château Pey La Tour 2008  95% Merlot

Deep ruby color, on the nose red berries, cedar, cherries. After a first sip, nose is very parfumy, then coming back again: lot's of oak. Much softer, than first Merlot- more aromas, more flavors, more elegant.

 Interesting, same year, very different wines. Medium body, nice, long round finish. 

First wine is nice Bordeaux, but a little bit unbalanced. Second one is definitely better, and richer in aromas. very good balance.

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