Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How I made beet risotto.

This one is without any milk or cream.
First I fried onion and garlic.

Then added rice and fried a little on a hot pan.

After that I shocked the rice with little bit of wine and added water.
I didn't have fresh herbs, so I used dry Italian herbs.

After water evaporated I poured more, covered the dish and turned heat on low.

I needed rice to be almost ready, al dente.
Meanwhile I cleaned cooked beats and cut them.
Then incorporated them with my risotto.

It turned beautiful red color!Also I added some Parmesan cheese.
Now it's ready! Yum!
 or with cheese.
As for the pairing-This is creamy and a little sweeter dish. I would have with
this wine from Rhone

It's very fruity with good acidity, it will create good balance with the dish.


  1. Hello Nina,
    Love all risottos and this looks beautiful - great wine pairing also. Thank you!

    1. Hello Ivan! Thank you very much!:0)I love risottos too!

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