Friday, 29 November 2013

Virtual travel and tasting-Loire Valley.

 The Loire River Valley stretches from central France to the country‘s west coast.
Every region is unique and there is diversity of wines, grapes and styles.
The climate of the region ranges from Maritime to Continental.

   I want to start in the place where Loire river reaches Atlantic ocean.  The rolling countryside around the city of Nantes is devoted to the farming of the Muscadet grape variety. This simple white grape thrives in the Maritime climate and the gravel and sand soils of the area.
  In the 17th century, Dutch wine merchants laid the foundation for the Muscadet style by encouraging the villagers of Nantes to plant the early ripening Melon de Bourgogne grape.
Some wines may also be labeled ―Sur Lie if they have been aged on their lees over the winter following the vintage. These popular wines are classic companions to local oysters because of their high acid, light body, neutral flavors, and occasional spritziness, courtesy of dissolved carbon dioxide in the lees.

And to taste

Domaine De L’ardennerie Muscadet Sèvre & Maine 2010, Ac, Sur Lie 

. Light straw color with a little tint of green.
Mineral aromas with a little bit of fruit, citrus. On the palate dry, crisp with acidity. Wine is asking for oysters! Nice, fresh finish.

and pair this wine with oysters, of course!:))

we clean them

 And enjoy with wine!


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