Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wine in Piedmont

We tried local food, it was really amazing! And wine, which we never get in LCBO, unfortunately!

Fritto misto.

With fritto misto we had local young Barbera and Dolcetto.
Barbera was very rich with black fruit aromas, very balanced and juicy. Dark rich color in the glass.
Dolcetto was  light with good acidity, and fruitiness, very balanced. 

Another local wine, light, very gastronomic, red berries aroma, very delicate. There is an article about this grape

 Sparkling Freisa with cheese appetizer. Didn't see it here in Toronto. Also, wonderful and light wine.
And this was amazing white wine we had with vegetable dishes. Rich with complex aromas, balanced with honey, floral flavors, lemon and herbs. very good, I would love to have it in our LCBO!

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