Monday, 1 August 2011


It's time I thought! I was into French wines long enough! And I wanted more. But I had to move. There was so much ahead!
I was just tweeting last night and there was #winechat about Tempranillo. It was too late for me to open a bottle, but I did it today with beautiful BBQ. Lamb,Halibut, Salmon. Couple of salads, potato with chorizo.Very summery meal, don't you think? 
And I opened my Temranillo.So glad I did!An oaky wine with  leathery, rustic, spicy aromas and vanilla influence.On the palate wine is balanced, ripe fruit compliments this wine. Nice and rich finish. 
This wine paired perfectly with our BBQ feast! 
Tempranillo is one of the ancient grapes. It's from Spain, grows  in Rioja in North Central Spain and Ribera del Duero. Now it's also becoming popular in the new world.

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