Monday, 15 August 2011

What to expect from my tastings.

Another tasting event vent great!I discovered new love, love for wine. And I want to share this love with everybody! Also I have passion for food and I love planning parties and events.
Wine, food and good friends, it's the best combination!
People invite  friends and invite me. I'm the hostess. Everyone sit back, relax, sip wine, enjoy the company!
I bring plates, glasses, menus, wine and food. I'll just need your cutlery.There are 4 different wines. Usually 2 whites, 2 reds. You can choose the theme for your get together.
And also I bring food for pairing. Appetizers, seafood platter, meat platter and dessert.
For the dessert there is usually another sweeter wine or sparkling wine or fortified wine.
First we sip all of the wine. Look and the color, smell it, taste it. Then we taste wine with each kind of food and find for ourselves the difference of taste. How aromas of food changes flavours of wine.
After we are done with wines and food we move to dessert.
People always have great time and a lot of fun discovering new flavours in their palate.
I bring catering and entertainment!

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