Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Choosing wine

There was a time, when I knew nothing about wine.I new there were red and white!Reds are tannic and good with BBQ, whites are usually dry. Going to LCBO was not fun.My husband was choosing wine by the brand name, or just french from chateau.That's how much we new.I was looking for something sweet like Irish Cream or some martinis.
Now,I have more knowledge and I learn something new every day .Today I love coming into the wine store and look for something new, not necessary expensive.
And I see people coming in, like i did some time ago, just grabbing some wine.They don't want to show that they have no idea!They don't want to ask.
And I want to help!I want to say-please ask!
I want people go and explore wine world after my tastings.
Explore and enjoy!

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