Friday, 22 July 2011

iYellow and Argentinian wines yesterday!

That was a blast! Started as a wine tasting and continued to be the best party! The BBQ was out of this world!
There were many wines, and 22 companies presenting Argentinian wines.
Of course Malbec was a king! So many of them were very diverse.
Not native in Argentina, but shows one the grape is one of the best from the Argentinian soil.
It is soft, with round tannins, nice finish and deep flavors.
Also I discovered great Argentinian white-Torrontes!
So aromatic and flavorful!
My favorites were Bodega Catena Zapata, Familia Zuccardi- Fuzion, Finca Flinchman, Valle de la Puerta.
Another discovery was Masi!I've been known Masi as Italian wine.But I have news!Apparently not all Masi are Italian. Some of them are blend of Italian and Argentinian grapes.  Like this one

And of course there was a tango! Beautiful!

 So iYellow! Thank you very much for the great event! Looking forward to another tastings!
And thank you Angela!

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