Thursday, 9 June 2011

About rules

We live at times,when everything is changing. Some well known rules are now found to be very old fashioned.Some rules,are not rules at all.Just guidance.
I'm talking about the wine and food pairings.When you make rule for yourself,it's becoming very complicated to follow it.
If one say-drink white wine with white meat only,that means they close for themselves very big variety of taste.I say-don't be afraid to experiment.There is a guidance,but you can be your own guide.
Try something,you never even thought of attempting.See for yourself how your favorite food tastes with a new wine or vice verse.
Well,the wine should taste great on its own,as well as food.But when you combine-wine makes food taste better.And I find that wine opens palate every time in a new way with different food.
Good tastings!Cheers!

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