Monday, 6 June 2011

I invited my friends to share my ideas and my vision.They were skeptical at first. After they tried wines,and then they could taste for themselves the difference in their palate,they loved the idea!
There is my menu:

The idea is to try different wines with different food and find what works personally for you.Every one has a unique palate.And very rarely people buy wines specially for certain type of food. I wanted to show to my friends and to my guests,that various wines can have surprise, when one is not even expecting it.
We tasted wines first.They were very different-fresh and crisp Chardonnay,aromatic Gewurztraminer,very nice and mild Merlot and full bodied Pinot Noir.All wines were from France except for Gewurztraminer.It was from Niagara's Jackson Triggs -very fruity! 
And after wine tasting we started trying wines with food.And as I expected everyone has their own preferences.Wine and food.That was a very interesting experience for everyone.

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