Friday, 10 June 2011

Life is full of surprises!

We are always learning.
After I started courses at International Sommelier Guild, I realized that I was always looking in the wrong direction! 
I found a new world-wine world!It's so big, has so many sides, so many angles!And so much history!
Every time I go to the wine store I always know,that I will find there something new and something exiting.
Even an old name can bring new taste!
For example-Zinfandel.
I loved pink Zinfandel.Then I learned about red Zinfandel and I fell in love!
Zinfandel is a very old grape.It is originated in Croatia.Who knew!For most of people Zinfandel is THE Californian grape.But if you are in Italy and drinking Primitivo-there is your Zinfandel.
It's one of my favorite wines.It is rich,flavorful,aromatic.
When berries are in the vine,and if there too much heat,grapes can become raisins.There is not much acidity and a lot of sugar.
Try the wine and open for yourself new aromas and taste!Cheers!

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