Monday, 20 June 2011

I was at the party

It was not just a party! It was a wine tasting, of course!
 We were at the relaxing spot downtown, at c-lounge, iYellow wine's club place.

It was a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere. There were lots of new wines from South Africa. Their reds had a very distinctive smokiness on the palate. The whites were crisp and fresh. There was one, which especially caught my attention. So sweet, so lovely."Odelia" Bukettraube with Muscat like flavors.The guy explained to me, that the grape comes from very old roots, even before the Gewurztraminer became popular. Some of the wines were very tasty and unusually blended.  So, next time I'm at LCBO, I'll go to South African section, to try something new! Try them too, and share with me!
 And thank you Angela for a beautiful party!

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