Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Italian adventures ( part one)

My Italian adventures

Well, I'm on the plane. First to Paris, then to Milan. Just ate superb dinner of beef with wild mashroom and mashed potatoes. Amazing, doesn't taste like airplane food at all! I'm so full now!

So, I'm in Paris! Last time I was here 13.5  years ago, on our way to Toronto. This time I'm probably in a new terminal. It's big, modern, airy and there is lots of light!
I ate a nice breakfast, it's 3 in the morning at home. I took a little nap, walked around.
Of course first where I looked were wines!Sauternes 12 euro!  I'll take it, merci!

I'm flying to Milan. I  look out the windows and see mountains - gorgeous!
I'm in Milan. I took a bus to the central station, bought a card for my phone.
Went to the subway , after getting lost a little finally found my hotel! I love people here! So helpful!
I'm hot, it's summer here! I'm tired and I'm hungry!
Across the street there is a caffe. I come and ask for food. And there is whole table of food! But the lady says, "It's just the appetizers! I'll make a panini!" I ate appetizers--little sandwiches with this and that and an amazing panini, the bread is out of this world!
I had a cocktail and a Merlot from Venezia.
I'm sitting in this cafe and smiling. There are people coming in, everybody is nice and I feel right at home!
I ordered a cappuccino at the end and I don't have the words to describe this!
Everyone is talking, smiling, and I'm smiling too, that is what I came for! Not for museums (of course I will come and sight-see tomorrow as much as possible), but for this! Great food, wine, people, atmosphere!
And that's just my first day!
And now I'm going downstairs to wash my jet lag out in the pool!

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