Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wine Tasting

When I do my wine tastings, I want people to have fun. I want it to be memorable and interesting.

This time my theme was Old World- New World. I brought Primitivo and Zinfandel. And I brought two Chardonnays, one from Burgundy another from Chile.
It is so exiting and interesting to try wines that are made from the same grapes, but from different regions andto see how their taste differs!
I had this Chardonnay from Burgundy, it was very nice find - Domaine Gueugnon Remond Grande Réserve Macon-Charnay Chardonnay 2008. Very smooth and satisfying. 
Santa Carolina Chile Chardonnay 2009 - is different, little spicy, more aromatic. 
Dancing Bull Zinfandel 2010 and Sasseo Primitivo 2008
It was an interesting experience to see how people change their views on the wine when they taste it with the food.
What I had on the menu:


  • Caprese salad on a stick
  • Crostini with caramelized pear and goat cheese
  • Wild rise salad

Seafood plate

  • Shrimp in a batter garlic sauce
  • salmon with cream cheese
  • fish with tomatoes and green olive tapenade

Meat plate

  • serrano ham wrapped chicken
  • cocktail meatballs
  • lamb cutlets

    We tried all wines with all kinds of food to see what works for our palate and what doesn't. It was amazing how Primitivo work wonderfully with the food and  was not so great by itself. 
    For dessert I had Eatons mess.

And with that dessert this sparkling rose  Cremante de Loire Monmousseau was very balanced. Acidity in the wine cut through whipped cream and fruitiness on the wine from Cabernet franc, Pinot Noir and Grolleau tasted nicely with berries in the dessert.

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