Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Italian adventures



So from Lugano on a train I arrived to Milan. From Milan it was 2 hours to Turin. My hotel is very close to the train station, subway and to the centre of the city. Turin is not a very big city, very nice, calm. People are very nice everywhere in Italy.
I visited the royal palace - history here is vey old, it's very interesting to walk around places which have seen history and where history was made.
Then I went to see a place called Eataly- I wish we had such a place!
It's a mall almost but only with food from all over Italy and wine. And also there are places to eat meats, pasta, pizza, seafood, and sweets with gelato. I spent a long time walking around this place.
The next day was very special! A lady, who knew me from the Internet, took me around Turin. We saw people selling amazing chocolate, and there was also a market for meats and wine. After that we went outside Turin to see one cantina ( wine maker), one of the many, of course. So this cantina is very small. The owner of this cantina worked most of his life in IT and then decided to change his life and now his Spumante gets first places over all Italian wines!
He also has very nice passito.
After tasting many wines at his cantina we were very hungry, so we stopped by a local ristorante. I love this Italian tradition-in some places you come for just a glass of wine and you have a good choice of appetizers, like a buffet. We filled ourselves very well with those very tasty appetizers- all kinds of bruschetta, salads  sandwiches, cheeses and salami.
Another thing I really love in Italy-Enoteca. Just small place to come and have a glass of nice wine and a little snack like a sandwich, panini or pasta. Nothing big.
I visited couple of these enotecas, and loved it.

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